Saturday, October 25, 2008

Local Women Make Good (Food)

If you get a minute in your busy day, check out these natural-food websites by local women:

Willi Galloway is the young woman behind this inspired website that she describes as "a community table that serves up gardening and cooking inspiration for people who like real food." She's a Seattleite and the West Coast Editor of Organic Gardening magazine. I know of her from the "Greendays Gardening Panel" on KUOW (Tuesdays at 10 am on 94.9 FM Seattle or streaming online at

Gluten-Free Girl
Shauna James Ahern is a new mom in Seattle who became a natural-food lover after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It doesn't hurt being married to a chef ("the Chef"). This website is wheat-free, but rich in content for all who like to cook and eat thoughtfully.

Sequim mama Candyce has opened a shop online to sell, among other natural products, her hand-sewn snack and bulk-food bags and fabric gift wrap.

Rhubarb Sky
Carrie is the extraordinary mother of cool and lucky Abby (3½), a devoted Salt Creek Farm CSA subscriber and fab gal about Port Angeles whose creativity apparently knows no boundaries. Carrie's blog Rhubarb Sky has recipes and crafts interwoven with soulful reflections on life. It's super inspiring and fun.

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Anonymous said...

Goodness. . . that must be the sweetest thing I've ever heard about myself. Thank you so much Amy. . . I'm blushing. . . and grinning!