Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dreams of Salamanders

Right before going to sleep on Friday night, Immy said:
I dream about salamanders and books.
I dream about houses and horses.
Oh my gosh, could I love her more?!

Since Imogen had a couple bad dreams, I have begun to suggest nice things to dream about as I say goodnight to her. I might say "I hope you dream about ponies and rainbows." I try to suggest things she's experienced lately. This night, she thought up her own good things and showed me that we've created a ritual for now.

I like that the salamander we saw on the Spruce Railroad Trail made an impression on Immy. After nearly running it over with the jog stroller, we stopped and I gently picked it up with two sticks to show her. Often these moments pass and we simply hope that what we've tried to impart has stuck, and other times we find out right away that the time we took was indeed the investment we hoped it would be.

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