Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail

Are you looking for a walk in the woods in Seattle? Have you tried the Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail? It's a real-world gift to the people of Seattle through the Pro Parks Levy. There's a great stretch of the Trail that's about 1.25 mi. round-trip (there and back). It's along the west side of Delridge Way SW (mostly ca. 26th Ave. SW) in West Seattle between SW Brandon St. and SW Graham St. Park at either end or at the substation on SW Juneau St. in between (or take Metro 120). There are bridges, boardwalks, beaver dams, a resident heron, ducks and most importantly, a feeling of nature and solitude right in the middle of an urban area. The section between Brandon and Juneau is wheelchair-accessible and the entire section is sturdy-stroller friendly. The Trail connects at the north end to Greg Davis Park and Cottage Grove Park, which has nice play equipment for bigger kids, and it's all just around the corner from the Delridge Branch of the Seattle Public Library. The trail is dog friendly and lightly used by humans. Anywhere along Delridge, look for the signs like the yellow one I've posted; they all mark some section of the Trail, which is not continuous yet (some portions use the sidewalk or go through a shopping center, for example). That's what makes this stretch unique. On that note, however, please note that when you get to the Juneau St. substation, you will need to use the sidewalk for about block east to get to the next part of the trail. Look for the sign.

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