Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ellen Expecting?

Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen said that she would be having a special Mother's Day show where the audience will be filled with first-time expectant moms. She then said that she has something in common with these women and will make a special announcement on that show. I think either she and Portia de Rossi are having or adopting a baby or they're getting another puppy. My bet's on baby.

Ellen's had her new show since 2002. Until this season, she never talked about being gay and only made very tame and veiled references to not wearing dresses or dating men. (Who can blame her after what happened when she came out in 1997? She said her phone didn't ring for three years after that and Laura Dern, who was her love interest in that episode of the sitcom, had just won an Oscar, but didn't work for a year and a half because of it.) In the last couple weeks, however, there have been a few exchanges that seem designed to ease Ellen's fans into understanding that yes folks, she is still a lesbian. First, it was Portia front and center at the Oscars. Then just recently, Ellen asked Sharon Stone if she was dating anyone and she shot back devilishly, "I thought you had a girlfriend." This week, Ellen brought Laura Dern on to mark the 10th anniversary of the "Yep, I'm gay," debacle and now this. Hmmm. Sad with Will & Grace over and long in syndication she has to dance around this issue so delicately.


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