Friday, October 21, 2011

You Were Almost Home

Renting Again
by Kate Lebo
No city in the world will save your life,
But you keep hoping.  On your old block

A house kneels on a corner and watches
Its thin lawn, some fences and next door's

Bamboo blinds.  Last year you'd stood
On its porch and felt solid, waiting only

For a ride.  You were happy.
Not exactly.  You were almost home.

Inside someone watched football.
Someone cracked an egg.  Someone

Sorted yard and glue and sequins
Into meticulously labeled drawers.

Do you know your body's address?
You could find that house again, right now.

One day you'll be daydreaming on a bus
And your house will burst out of its doors before you

Lit from within and dirty, like the little boy
You haven't yet birthed.