Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Do the Best You Can

"Today's woman is expected to be well-read, faultlessly groomed, a nursemaid, chauffeur, laundress, seamstress, hostess, cook, gardener, painter, appliance repairman, wallpaper-hanger, carpenter, exterminator (for those awful bugs of all sorts) and jane-of-all trades!

Being a homemaker is a big job for anyone, and you and I are going to make mistakes. But so what? That's the way we learn!

So, relieve your mind of a lot of its frustrations by simply accepting the fact that you are a woman. Next, make yourself believe that you do the best you can. Probably you do! Tranquilizers are are doctor's bills."

From "Dear Fellow Housewives," Heloise's Houskeeping Hints by Heloise, 1962

Image from Baby Dear, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin, 1962
via try-whistling-this on flickr