Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That Good Fight

"We get sold a lot of things simply by dint of being women living in the West under late capitalism. If advertisers had their way, our insecurities would have insecurities by now (and our hair would still not be any shinier, bouncier, or softer). The fusillade of manufactured needs to which we are subjected is a bullsh*t system, a happiness shell game, with charge cards, and that system deserves to be questioned and, yes, critically unpacked. (And it is, refreshingly, by us [Jezebel] and so many other blogs.) Taking ads out of their context is a way of making them puny. It dispelstheir "aura." And it is absolutely part of that good fight."

Sauers, J. (2010, August 24). The Reason We Keep Showing American Apparel Softcore. Jezebel.