Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Earliest Exposures

The Washington Toxics Coalition is highlighting the story of Molly Gray, a Seattle mother who took part in WTC's recent study on toxic chemicals in pregnant mothers. Shocked at her results despite avoiding chemicals, Molly testified today before a US Senate committee.

"Molly was one of nine pregnant women tested for toxic chemicals as part of a Washington Toxics Coalition study called Earliest Exposures. Molly found out that while she was pregnant she had the highest levels of mercury of anyone in the study and had higher then the national average for a number of others.

Molly describes the experience of finding out her body was contaminated with toxic chemicals:

'I will admit - I assumed I would test chemical-free. After all, for the last five years I had done everything I could to reduce my exposure to toxic chemicals. I ate organic food, chose low-mercury seafood and used personal care products without phthalates and fragrances. Despite my efforts, my results were higher than the national average...As clean as I tried to be, it was not enough to protect my baby boy.'"