Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Day With Grammy

Imogen, 3, spent Thursday in Forks with my Mom. I love hearing both Immy's and my Mom's accounts of how their day went:
Immy: When I asked her what she and Grammy did, she said, "We went to a meeting." She told me that they saw my Mom's friend Sue there and she had a bandage on her finger, but that Sue is fine. Immy also told me that she is growing yellow apples at Grammy's house.
My Mom/Grammy (currently pronounced Gammy): "All of that is true but the apples are green tomatoes. She was absolutely perfect at a very important meeting. I told her ahead of time about having to be very quiet and she told me to tell her exactly when she had to be very quiet."
She also ate, played, pooped, hiked and slept. Sounds like another great day with Grammy!

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